Math 1508 Precalculus

Spring 2011

Dr. Duval

ANNOUNCEMENT: UTEP is closed (again) on Monday, February 7. All assignments due February 7 or later have been postponed, as described below.

Reading assignment

For the week of February 7: Last Monday's lecture (and Tuesday's recitation) concerned section 1.8. We will next discuss section 1.9. So please read sections 1.8 and 1.9.

Calculator assignment

None pending.


All textbook homework is on the WebAssign system.

"1.8, part 2" is due Wednesday, February 9, before lecture (11:50am).

"1.9, part 1" is due Thursday, February 10, before recitation (12:50 pm). "1.9, part 2" is due Monday, February 14, before lecture (11:50am).

Note: All old homework will stay on the WebAssign page for you to review, though you can't change your score after the due date.