Math 1508 Precalculus

Spring 2012

Dr. Duval

Reading assignment

For the week of April 30: Both Monday and Wednesday, we'll develop the program so that "the computer can do our homework" for systems of linear equations. Bring your FSharp enabled laptop.

Other (non-WebAssign) assignment

For Wednesday, May 2, use the updated matrix file (which has a record of what we did in class on Monday, April 30) to solve the 3x3 system given by matrix c. To receive credit you *must* use the commands there (vectarAdd and scalarMult). If possible, turn in printouts of what you did (store your programming in a plain text editor, and copy it into the FSharp window); if not, copy by hand all the commands you typed.

WebAssign Homework

All textbook homework is on the WebAssign system.

solving triangles, part 1: due 1:20pm, Tue Apr 17
solving triangles, part 2: due 11:50am, Wed Apr 18
systems of equations, part 1: due 1:20pm, Thu Apr 19
systems of equations, part 2: due 11:50am, Mon Apr 23
linear systems, part 1: due 1:20pm, Tue Apr 24
linear systems, part 2: due 11:50am, Mon Apr 30

Note: All old homework will stay on the WebAssign page for you to review, though you can't change your score after the due date.