Math 1508 Precalculus

Fall 2012

Dr. Duval

Reading assignment

Week of November 26-29: On Monday-Tuesday, we'll start looking at systems of equations; homework is not due until next week, though. On Wednesday is our third in-class exam, covering trigonometry; Thursday's workshops will be devoted to going over the exam.

Week of December 3-6: We'll continue working with systems of equations, including writing a program that can solve linear systems of equations. Bring your FSharp-enabled laptop this week. There is also homework and reading covering this material in sections 7.1 and 7.2.

Other (non-WebAssign) assignment

None right now.

WebAssign Homework

All textbook homework is on the WebAssign system.

extra credit: complex multiplication: due 11:50am, Mon Nov 26
systems of equations, part 1: due 1:20pm, Tue Dec 4
systems of equations, part 2: due 11:50am, Wed Dec 5
linear systems, part 1: due 1:20pm, Thu Dec 6
linear systems, part 2: due 11:50am, Mon Dec 10

Note: All old homework will stay on the WebAssign page for you to review, though you can't change your score after the due date.