Math 2300 Grades

Spring 2006

Dr. Duval

If you put a "secret code" on your final exam paper, you will find listed below, by your secret code, your score on the final exam (under the column marked "final"), and your overall grade for the whole course (under the column marked "course"). The scale for the final exam has 76 the minimum score for an A, and then 63 B, 50 C, and 37 D.

You are still welcome to come pick up the final exam, and discuss your grade with me. I will be in my office Thursday (May 18) afternoon until 4pm, for this purpose.

After that, I will not be on campus until after Memorial Day, but then I will be on campus almost all day, most days. You are welcome to stop in, but you might want to let me know in advance, just to make sure I will be there when you come.

secret codefinalcourse

0716 64 B
11187 87 A
alowishis 59 B
Artemis 70 B
chapis 67 B
Octuber1 46 C
somet007 40 C
Spaceman Spiff 45 D
Sunshine 68 B
Xiotecutli 73 B