Math 2300 Grades

Spring 2010

Dr. Duval

If you put a "secret code" on your final exam paper, you will find listed below, by your secret code, your score on the final exam (under the column marked "final"), and your overall grade for the whole course (under the column marked "course"). The scale for the final exam has 95 the minimum score for an A, and then 75 B, 55 C, and 35 D.

You are still welcome to come pick up the final exam, and discuss your grade with me. I will be in my office Thursday (May 20) 1:00-2:00, and Friday (May 21) 11:00-12:00, for this purpose. I will also be in my office most of the time, most days this summer, with the following notable exceptions: June 24-30; July 8-16; July 20-22; July 27-August 6.

secret codefinalcourse

AguaDeLimon 104 A
avfury 89 B
CharlieSoldierMaryRaccoon 20 D
download_pal 92 B
Fatimeh 82 B
GI1988 66 B
Greenstar 59 C
hurrayforay 78 B
K____ 93 A
KeyserSoze 61 B
lul@c 64 C
Marry Poppins 73 B
Mmm3.14159 108 A
password 109 A
SF49ERS 61 C
Sigurros 46 C
st9nd_al0ne_version 28 D
Superman10 80 B
VC123 27 D
W35OM3 64 B