Remote Access to UTEP Software

You may now access several software titles from your home or workplace (if using a high-speed internet service - modem access may be too slow).

Here is what is available on the software server:

Here is how to access the server from another computer:

  1. Connect to UTEP's VPN (Virtual Private Network) - here are instructions.
  2. Open the program "Remote Desktop Connection"
    It usually is under Start->All Programs->Accessories. Instructions from Microsoft are found on this page. If your computer does not have this program, try downloading it from this page.
    Just use spotlight to search for "Remote Desktop". If it is not on your Mac, try downloading it from this page.
  3. The name of the remote computer is:
    Click on "Connect"
  4. Enter your UTEP login name as: miners\username
  5. Enter your UTEP password.
  6. A window will open showing your desktop on the remote computer. Make sure to save your files on the M: drive (available when you log in - just check under "My Computer".) You will not be able to save files on the desktop, or anywhere else on the remote computer. Your files will be saved in your mspace folder.
  7. When you are done, simply go to Start-> Log Off.