Math 3325 Principles of Math

Fall 2017

Dr. Duval

Reading assignment

For the week of November 21: On Tuesday we will discuss Section 4.2. Thursday is Thanksgiving, so no class!

For the week of November 28-30: On Tuesday we will continue to discuss Section 4.2. On Thursday we will continue to discuss Section 4.2, and start discussing Section 4.3.

For the week of December 5-7: On Tuesday, we will finish discussing Section 4.3, and begin discussing Section 4.4. On Thursday, we will continue to discuss Section 4.4.

Written homework

Discussion homework

1.2: 2ce, 6fg.
1.3: 4, 8acdl, 10bg.
1.4: 4bc, 5d, 6e, 7ch, 9c.
1.5: 3c, 4c, 5a, 6e, 7a.
1.6: 1b, 2d, 4c, 6gi.
1.7: 2, 3e.

2.1: 2, 5bdf, 6bf, 11a, 14d, 15d.
2.2: 2dhj, 7q, 8c, 9d, 15d.
2.3: 1j, 3b, 7b, 16f.
2.4: 4eh, 5f, 6b, 7b.
2.5: 3.

3.1: 2abcd, 4fh, 5a, 7ae, 8ef.
3.2: 1bdgf, 6b, 7.
3.3: 2abc, 3d.
3.3: 4d, 7a, 10a.

4.1: 1bcde, 3bf, 6b.
4.2: 1di, 2bg, 4b, 16b, 17bc.
4.3: 1bl, 2bl, discussed in class, Tuesday, December 5.
4.3: 6, 9b, discussed in class, postponed until Thursday, December 7.

Homework for peer assessment