Math 4370 Game Theory
Homework Guidelines

Fall 2005

Dr. Duval

These guidelines in pdf
In all cases, strive to make your responses clearly-written. Use complete sentences where appropriate, and show steps of any calculations, etc.

Parts A, B, and C of each homework are equally important.

Part A: Advance preparation. Hand this in at the beginning of class, one class period before our class discussion and work on new reading. You do not need a new page for each part.
  1. Read assigned material. Reread as needed for complete understanding. Then write clear responses to assigned questions about the reading.
  2. Write down some of your own explicit questions about your reading, ready to bring up in class. This may involve new or old concepts which are confusing to you, and connections to other ideas. You should also consider writing down what was well explained and interesting, what was confusing, what you had to reread but eventually understood.
  3. Reflection: Write two or three sentences reflecting on the process of your work; this should only take a few minutes. Write about how things went with any assignment or reading done for class, and other course work. This should reflect both your ongoing personal feelings about the course as a whole and your interaction with the material at hand.
  4. Write how much time you worked on part A.
Part B: Warmup exercises. This is due during class when we begin to discuss new material.
Work individually, and then with others outside class time, on a few assigned easy warmup exercises on the new material we will discuss, based on your advance reading in Part A. Write up the solutions to these individually, to hand in in class. I will ask individuals and groups to present some of these to the class, to get us started discussing new material. Be sure to hand these in before leaving class.

Also always write how much time you worked on part B, and with whom.

Part C: Main exercises. These will be assigned after class discussion and work on new material. They will normally be due next period.
Work individually and with others on these. Also come to see me during office hours or at other appointment times about these. I am happy to help you. Then go home and write up your final solutions completely by yourself, without comparing with other people. The paper you hand in should be entirely your own writing, not the same as anyone else's.