Art Duval's Office Hours
Finals Weeks

Office: Bell 303
Phone: (915)747-6846. Fax: (915)747-6502.

Please feel free to come by my office any time during scheduled office hours listed below. You are welcome to come at other times, but in that case you might want to make an appointment, just to make sure that I will be there then. You can make an appointment simply by talking to me before or after class, by calling me at my office or at home, or by sending e-mail.

Unless otherwise specified, I will be on campus most of the day (8:30-4:30) every day.


Monday, December 6
Tuesday, December 7
Wednesday, December 8
Thursday, December 9
Friday, December 10

Monday, December 13
Tuesday, December 14
Wednesday, December 15
Thursday, December 16
Friday, December 17

rest of December