My research interests are on studentsí problem-solving disposition and instructional strategies to advance their ways of thinking. I am particularly interested in studentsí propensity to act out the first thing that comes to mind, what I call impulsive disposition. My research goal centers on helping students advance from impulsive disposition to analytic disposition. My colleagues and I are currently developing, testing, and refining a survey instrument to assess studentsí impulsive-analytic disposition. I have been investigating instructional strategies, such as use of prediction items and classroom voting with clicker technology, to help students become aware of their impulsivity as well as to elicit and address mathematical misconceptions. I am also exploring the use of mathematical tasks to provoke studentsí intellectual need for the concepts they are expected to learn. Lately, I am involved in the iMPaCT-STEM project to investigate the use of programming activities to foster student learning of foundational algebraic concepts.


Most of my publications can be accessed through Selected Works of Kien Lim.

Updated on January 19, 2012.


The more I know, the more I realize I donít know.
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