How Genetic Disorders are Inherited 

 This site illustrates the use of some simple probability in understanding how genetic disorders are inherited. There are also links to some very interesting information from Blazing a Genetic Trail, a report from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute on locating genes that contribute to genetic disorders.

Genetic Algorithms -
  This illustrates the strong reliance on probability and statistics in studying artificial genetic systems which represent chromosomes in biological systems.
Mathematical Methods of Population Genetics -
  An explanation of two mathematical models used to study gene distributions in the evolution of populations. Both models have as their basis concepts in both probability and statistics.
Molecular Evolution and Population Genetics -
  This is a list of research papers (available for downloading) written on population genetics, which illustrate the strong use of probability and statistics in this area. They are very interesting and readable.
 Research in Dr. Yang's Group at UCLA -
   This site has two descriptions of Dr Yang's research projects in Phylogeny estimation and Markov models of codon substitution and detection of adaptive molecular evolution.
Statistics in Connection to Complex Inheritance -
  This is a summary of a project in which a graduate student is using statistical techniques to locate genes involved in the development of coeliac disease.

























The Statistics of Sequence Similarity Scores. -
     This is an explanation of how sequence similarity scores are derived.
     This site from NCBI illustrates the overwhelming use of statistics
     in the study of DNA sequences.

Evolutionary Algorithms -
     This site discusses a group of researcher's work on Evolutionary
     Algorithms based on probabiltiy theory. It links to many publications
     and technical reports which use probability and statistics in the study
     of genetics.

Genetics for Probability -
     This is an interesting site which uses topics in genetics to illustrate
     the applications of probability.

Mathematical Modeling of Evolution

Analysis of an X-Linkage Genetics Problem -
     This site has a couple of simple genetics problems using probability.

Intermediate Genetics -
     This site fron North Dakota State University has some good notes
     on genetics and also statistical techniques used in genetics.

Introduction to Branching Processes and the Extinction Problem -
     This is a very brief introduction to the Galton-Watson branching
     model, which has applications in population genetics. There are
     also links to open problems in this area.

New Fears About Extinction -
     This is an article which appeared in The New York Times
     illustrating the use of mathematical modeling to understand
     the viability of populations.

Statistics estimate the molecular clock and evaluate neutral theory predictions. -
     This site illustrates the wide use of probability and statistics
     at the molecular level. Go to this instructors or his contents page.

Marker Assisted Selction

Population Biology Simulations

Java Applets for Population Genetics

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