GKS Availability

The UNIX (source code) version of PDE2D calls standard GKS (Graphical Kernel System) routines to do the graphics, so you must have a GKS library on your system if you want to use the PDE2D graphics (you can only get tabular output or MATLAB graphics otherwise). The following two versions of GKS are available at no cost, both have been tested with PDE2D.

   Package         Vendor
   -------         ------
   GLI/GKS         no cost, available via download from the GLI web site. 
                   GLI/GKS runs on nearly all UNIX systems (including 
                   Red Hat Linux, UNICOS, Digital UNIX, HP-UX, AIX, 
                   IRIX and SunOS), VAX/VMS and DOS.

   NCAR GKS        no cost, available via download from the NCAR web site.
                   The NCAR Graphics Package, which includes GKS, runs on 
                   nearly all UNIX systems, including MAC OSX, Red Hat Linux,
                   IRIX, Solaris, UNICOS, Digital UNIX, HP-UX and AIX:

                   P.O.Box 3000
                   Boulder, CO 80307-3000
                   FAX:   303-497-1814
                   Voice: 303-497-1232