Interactive Online Modules for Matrix Algebra and Linear Algebra

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With the support of the grant (NSF/CCLI-0737485), faculty at UTEP's Department of Mathematical Sciences developed a set of interactive online modules and investigations. Both the modules and the investigations are materials to support the learning of abstract linear algebra concepts.

Modules are developed independently of the investigations to ensure that they can be utilized for multiple investigations/assignments and topics. Investigations included at this site are the representative of many other investigations and other assignments.

The main goal of the investigations included at this site is to provide the first-hand experience needed for an effective and accurate cognition of linear algebra concepts that are mainly introduced through abstract means; formal mathematical language. That is, the investigations are to provide concrete features preparing learners for a meaningful assimilation of abstract concepts.

Even though our philosophy has been to utilize the modules for the introduction and investigation of basic features of abstract concepts, modules can also be utilized for assignments that may focus on the reinforcement of information already introduced.

The modules require Java runtime environment.

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