Math 2325 Intro to Higher Math -- Report Guidelines

Spring 2007

Dr. Duval

These guidelines in pdf
Technical writing, of which your reports are an example, is hard, and hard work! But, with practice, you can get better at it, and, in the process, make ideas more clear in your own mind. You are always welcome to ask me for help on any aspect of your report, at any stage of writing.
Main goal
This will vary from lab to lab. I will try to describe our main goal in each lab as we encounter it. I will specify suggested "Questions" from the text to consider to get you towards the main goal, but you may vary from that plan (though you might want to check with me if you do).
The guidelines on pp. xvi-xviii of the text are a good starting point. You should have all or most of the things listed there, including the "Introduction" section, though you do not have to put everything in the same order and style as suggested there (but you may).
The prose part of your report should be typed or typeset. You may put in diagrams, equations, tables, etc. neatly by hand. A cover sheet is not necessary; just put your name on the first sheet. Do not use binders, plastic covers, etc.; simply staple the pages of your report together.
Your projects will be graded on the following scale: The minimum average for an A is 3.8, for a B is 2.8, etc. I may award half-points (for instance, 3.5) for papers that fit between categories.