Math 3325 Principles of Math Grades

Fall 2001

Dr. Duval

If you put a "secret code" on your final exam paper (and haven't picked up your final from me in person, yet), you will find listed below, by your secret code, your score on the final exam (under the column marked "final"), and your overall grade for the whole course (under the column marked "course"). The scale for the final exam has 96 the minimum score for an A, and then 76 B, 56 C, and 36 D.

You are still welcome to come pick up the final exam, and discuss your grade with me. I will be in my office Wednesday (Dec. 18) afternoon 1-3pm, for this purpose.

I will also be around most of the rest of the week (now through Fri., Dec. 20), except for Wednesday morning and early Thursday morning, and you can either just stop in, or let me know in advance when you're coming, so I can be sure to be in then.

secret codefinalcourse

2991 101 A
072280 101 A
elmecates 16 D
NO 30 F