"One!" lyric © 2011 Lawrence M. Lesser

[tune: the Edward Kleban & Marvin Hamlisch song “One!” from A Chorus Line]


One . . . integer sensation!

Thousands claim that 1 is grand.             
One . . . side is on the surface of a Möbius band.

One is an entity needed to make base 2.
It’s in identities of trig and Euler, too!


One…. by the law of Benford,
Happens more than all the rest,
Number one is second best to none, son.
This line  takes up one dimension!
Like an MAA convention,
Number 1!

http://www.math.utep.edu/Faculty/lesser/One_Take_Two.mp3 is a live performance of “One!” as the closing song of MAA: The Musical!, which debuted August 3, 2011 at the opening banquet of the annual summer meeting (MathFest) of the Mathematical Association of America.  Singers: Jennifer Beineke, Art Benjamin, Annalisa Crannell, Alissa Crans, Matthew DeLong, Dan Kalman, Jenny Quinn, Norm Richert, Francis Su, Talithia Williams. Pianist: Bud Brown.  Mastered by Edloe from MP3 recorded by Francis Su’s iPhone.  This song was also the closing song of MAA: The Musical2 at the August 1 opening banquet of MathFest 2012.  This revised version of the musical (written and directed by Annalisa Crannell, with lyrics by cast members and by Larry Lesser) was performed by:  Bud Brown, Annalisa Crannell, Joyati Debnath, Matt DeLong, Bob Devaney, Frank Farris, Dan Kalman, David Kung, Jenny Quinn, Dave Richeson, Dave Smith, Katherine Socha, Francis Su, Talithia Williams, Paul Zorn, and other members of the MAA Players.


And at 31:04 of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1S3zymltTk , you’ll see the performance of the song in the Musical from the Closing Banquet of the August 2015 Centennial MathFest (the 100th birthday of the Mathematical Association of America).