“Hit Me with Your Best Plot”

lyrics written February 6, 2007 by Lawrence M. Lesser;

may sing to tune of 1980 Eddie Schwartz’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”(#9 hit for Pat Benatar)

appears on page 22 of the Spring 2011 issue of Teaching Statistics



Well you’re a real tough cookie in statistics class,

Doin’ just average    enough to pass.

That’s OK, just don’t fit a line

‘Til you view the data you’re assigned!


CHORUS:  Hit me with your best plot!

Why don’t you hit me with your best plot?

Hit me with your best plot  graph away!


Come on, you know graphs gotta look fair--

Like pictogram areas showin’ their share.

Let zero be where the y-axis starts

And don’t have a graph with unlabeled parts!  (Repeat Chorus)


Temperature data   held a clue:

Cold could mean trouble if the Challenger flew--

But they did the launch and an O-ring blew.

Don’t let disaster happen to you!  (Repeat Chorus)


I wrote the following new third verse just in time for the

banquet of the 2013 United States Conference on Teaching Statistics:


Well Hans Rosling took our long history  

And animated data so we could see

What’s a trend or a special case    

As nations move through time and space!