“Music of the Spheres”

words and music 1995-1999 Lawrence Mark Lesser all rights reserved

Today was a rainbow day

Horizon leaned the right way

Tonight in moonlight

We sleep beneath the stars we sight

Oh, it’s amazing

By the sea, star-gazing

My guiding inspiration all through the years

Has been music and the music of the spheres


Tides are getting strong

I get my guitar to sing you a song

The notes that bring peace

Are numbers from Ancient Greece

Oh, hear a pattern

In the path of Saturn

I marvel at the harmonies that caress our ears

Sweet music and the music of the spheres


I end my simple tune

While stars twinkle ‘round the moon

Like vibrating strings

We resonate with all these things

Oh, chords and notes,

Words and hopes,

Spinning in the myst’ry of why we cry our tears

For music and the music of the spheres

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