"Stairway to Seven"
all rights reserved
lyric  2000, 2001 Lawrence Mark Lesser
May be sung to the tune of
the (7-verse) song “Stairway to Heaven” by J. Page and R. Plant

There’s a student who’s sure     if she rolls two fair dice,
The most likely sum is 7.
On the 7th day she knows    many stores will be closed
‘Cause lots of folks call it the day of rest.
 Ooh, ooh, she’s inquiring:  “Where is there a 7?”

Well there’s a 7 on the wall,   but she wants to be sure
‘Cause you know uncrossed sevens can look like ones.
From 7 notes in a scale,   there’s a songbird who sings--
It’s the first sour note in the harmonic series.
 Ooh, it’s quite a number.    Ooh, 7 wonders.

There’s a feeling I get    from the 7 continents
And shuffles needed to mix the cards:
Snow White’s dwarves all could be   a water polo team --
It’s the limit of short-term mem’ry.
 Ooh, it’s quite a number.  Ooh, telephone number.

It’s the steps in ballet’s art,     it’s the Big Dipper stars,
And it’s how many times you can fold paper.
First polygon to elude    the classical tools
And it’s how many patterns for borders.

If a track meet   takes a long time,  don’t be alarmed now--
It’s just what’s called a heptathlon.
Can you remember   when the 7th month   was September?
Then Caesar added August and July!    And it makes me wonder...

7 verses   make this song    maybe too long,
The piper fights for airplay!
First whole number whose   reciprocal  does use
Its maximum block of digits.

And as we wind on down the road,  with 7 chakras I am told,
And 7 colors of the rainbow  make white light when they all show.
If you listen to this rhyme    of this odd Mersenne prime,
May it make you want to find each number’s special shine......
And she’s buying a stairway.... to 7th heaven!

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