Download the PDE2D Interactive Driver (Demo Program)

Windows executable: pde2d.exe

Linux executable: pde2d.pre

MacOSX executable: pde2d.mac.pre

Source code version (compile using any Fortran 90 compiler): pde2d.f

Message file (required by all versions): pde2d.seq

To run the interactive driver, simply run the executable with the message file (pde2d.seq) in the same directory. You will be able to work through a prepared example, or create a program to solve your own problem; however, you will not actually be able to run the resulting program and get graphical results without the trial (or full) version of PDE2D, since the program generated contains calls to PDE2D library routines.

A zip file containing the printed and graphical output from the 15 prepared examples can be downloaded here.