Math 1411 Grades

Spring 2014

Dr. Duval

10:30-11:20 section (CRN 24100)

If you put a "secret code" on your final exam paper, you will find listed below, by your secret code, your score on the final exam (under the column marked "final"), and your overall grade for the whole course (under the column marked "course"). The final exam had 260 points total, and so 234 points is 90%, 208 points is 80%, 182 points is 70%, 156 points is 60%, and so on.

You are still welcome to come pick up the final exam, and discuss your grade with me. I will be in my office Friday (May 23) 9:00 am - 12:00 noon for this purpose. I will also be in my office most of the time, most days, during summer.

Information sheet about Maymester workshop that will let you improve your grade to a C.

secret codefinalcourse

1122 237 B
10420 171 C
5dogs 151 D
AIM37 110 F
blueberry 227 B
Ducky 20 F
endgame5 128 D
Esmerald7 8 F
Fox321 80 F
HSEP93 140 F
I did my best 35 F
PopTart 36 F
qtpenguin 217 B
Revan 77 F
smiley7 206 C
TI30XA 24 F
utep123 91 F
Yamaha99 111 F