Math 1411 Calculus I

Fall 2014

Dr. Duval

Reading assignment

Week of November 24-26: On Monday, we will go over the exam (don't forget the usual assignment, to redo the exam problem you had the most difficulty with). On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will discuss Section 6.1, and maybe start Section 6.2 at the end of Wednesday.

Week of December 1-4: On Monday and Tuesday, we will discuss Section 6.2, and on Wednesday and Thursday, we will discuss Section 6.3. On Wednesday, I will also give you time to fill out the end-of-semester course evaluations ("bring your own device").

Online homework

All online homework, including old assignments not shown here, is on the WileyPlus system.

Section 5.2: due 10:00am, Mon. Nov. 17
Section 5.3: due 10:00am, Tue. Nov. 18
Section 5.4: due 10:00am, Wed. Nov. 19

Section 6.1: due 10:00am, Mon. Dec. 1
Section 6.2: due 10:00am, Thu. Dec. 4
Section 6.3: due 1:00pm, Fri. Dec. 5 (note unusual day and time)

Application powerpoints

Other websites

Written homework

Assignment 1, due Thursday, September 4.
Assignment 2, due Thursday, September 11.
Assignment 3, due Thursday, September 18.
Assignment 4, due Thursday, September 25.
Assignment 5, due Thursday, October 2.
Assignment 6, due Thursday, October 9.
Assignment 7, due Thursday, October 16.
Assignment 8, due Thursday, October 23.
Assignment 9, due Thursday, October 30.
Assignment 10, due Thursday, November 6.
Assignment 11, due Thursday, November 13.
Assignment 12, due Thursday, November 20.
Assignment 13 [last one!], due Wednesday, November 26.