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examples from the MEDIA: 
CHANCE NEWS database
Stats for Writers

Data Sets database(click on "data subjects" to find one you like); InfoPlease; more;

tutorials,etc.    more



Stats CALCULATORS: #1 , #2, #3, #4,

SPREADSHEET Basics (also: and baycongroup and usd)

MINITAB overview tutorials;


online textbook (includes PRACTICE EXERCISES with answers, etc.)

Another online book 

Applets: NCTM and  Shodor

Sample student REPORTS

Sample Project QUESTIONS

#1 or  #2

Cool Quotes!

STAPLE (statistics in lyrics!)


more History

"Against All Odds" VIDEOS on PBS & at many libraries; 

real-world AUDIO talks on Realplayer!

Coin Flipping,
3 doors (Let's make a deal),
Old Faithful histogram,


Hand reaction time,

Trashball(copy App.B into Minitab),

GOV'T Stats:   Labor, Commerce, Health, Education, Census, FEDSTATS


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more "points of departure" resources for Statistics Educators....
CHANCE database -- quantitative literacy materials for an intro prob/stat course
Statistical Literacy
Statistics in the Curriculum -- Quantitative Literacy, K-12
AP Statistics or College Board  -- an annotated list of links that include several for Advanced Placement statistics
Teaching Statistics  -- a journal mainly for teachers of students aged 9 to 19.
Statistics Teacher Network newsletter
Journal of Statistics Education (JSE)  -- The electronic refereed journal mainly for postsecondary teaching of statistics -- it's FREE!
ASA Publications -- JSE, American Statistician, CHANCE, STATS, ASA Conference proceedings
Technology Innovations in Statistics Education

Statistics Education Research Journal



Assessment Resource Tools for Improving Statistical Thinking(ARTIST)

CAUSE (Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education) --massive searchable database of LOTS of stuff!

Statistics Online Computational Resource

Jessica Utts’ Seeing Through Statistics (resources include chapter quizzes to assess understanding)

Teacher Quality Grant Program – Middle School module - probability and statistics (Activities)

International Association of Statistics Education (IASE)  --  Membership Info, Newsletters, Conferences, and more.
The IASE Statistical Education Research Group
Discussion Group Archives -- Searchable archives of statistics-related discussion groups.
ASA Section on Statistical Education
       Information on the Stat Ed Section, Conferences, Workshops, Publications, Sites on Stats Ed, Data Archives, etc.
Textbook Options
online textbook by Rice University's David Lane
virtual labs
collection of links
Math Forum Internet Resource Collection
Rice University Virtual Lab in Statistics
Cal Poly collection of resources
Globally Accessible Statistical Procedures
Ethics in Statistical Practice
Data sets for case studies  from the Wiley book by Chatterjee et al
Duxbury site for statistical literacy related to the Utts book
Tools for Teaching and Assessing Statistical Inference -- instructional modules using simulation software to motivate concepts
Standards and Rubrics for an Introductory Statistics Course
    classroom-tested set of rubrics for assessments that support two content standards that organize and drive the course
DISCUS interactive spreadsheet teaching software
Stockburger's site
University of Florida site

discussion group EDSTAT-L:  you can subscribe by sending email to
with the one-line message:  subscribe edstat-l Firstname Lastname search the archives of the listserv

overall research methodology:
American Mathematical Society’s MathSci Online includes info from Current Index to Statistics and Index to Statistics and Probability.
collection of resources:
Journal of Statistical Software; software

some important readings:
* Getting the Best from Teaching Statistics

Larsen, Michael D. (2006) “Advice for New and Student Lecturers on Probability and Statistics.” Journal of Statistics Education, 14(1),

Thomas W. Rishel (2000) Teaching First: A Guide for New Mathematicians (MAA Notes #54)

Matt DeLong and Dale Winter (2002). Learning to Teach and Teaching to Learn Mathematics: Resources for Professional Development.  (MAA Notes #57)

Thomas Moore (2000) Resources for Undergraduate Instructors Teaching Statistics.  (MAA Notes #52)
Florence and Sheldon Gordon, Eds. (1992) Statistics for the Twenty-First Century.  (MAA Notes 26)

Joan B. Garfield (2005). Innovations in Teaching Statistics. (MAA Notes 65)

• Teaching Statistics at its Best. David Green (Ed.), Teaching Statistics Trust. (1994).
• Burrill, G. (1990) Implementing the Standards: Statistics and probability. Mathematics Teacher, 83(2), 113-118.
• Teaching Statistics and Probability, NCTM Yearbook(1981)

•  Teaching Resources for Undergraduate Statistics, Thomas Moore (2000; Mathematical Association of America)
• MAA Notes Vol. 52. Resources for Undergraduate Instructors Teaching Statistics. Thomas L. Moore, Ed. (2000),
• MAA Notes Vol. 26 Statistics for the Twenty-First CenturyFlorence and Sheldon Gordon, Eds. (1992)
• MAA Notes Vol. 21. Perspectives on Contemporary Statistics. David Hoaglin & David Moore, Eds. (1992)
• "Mathematics, Statistics and Teaching" article by George W. Cobb and David S. Moore in Nov. 1997 issue of
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• The Assessment Challenge in Statistics Education. I. Gal and J. B. Garfield (Eds.). IOS Press. (1997).
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• Shaughnessy, J.M. (1992). Research in probability and statistics: Reflections and directions. Chapter 19 in D.A. Grouws (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Mathematics Teaching and Learning. NY: Macmillan.
• link-filled annotated article:
 The Best of Teaching Statistics, 1986 (free at:

Getting The Best from Teaching Statistics, 2000 (free at:

Mathematics Activities for Teaching and Learning (11th ed., 2003), Barnard & Wheeler,

Kendall/Hunt.        AND


Internet applets

Spreadsheets (e.g., Microsoft Excel)

Stats software



Journal of Statistics Education

Statistics Teacher Network

Statistics Education Research Journal

Teaching Statistics


Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education Curriculum Framework: