Research Activites

Useful Links:

  • Installing cygwin
  • Linux commands
  • Tutorials on c++
  • Links to freely available C++ books
  • Final Project Dates !

    November 24th:

  • Conjugate Gradient Method (Kamal Nyaupane and Nakul Karle )
  • Sparsity Patterns in dealii (Masum Bhuiyan and Kodeza Begum)
  • Iterative Methods for solving Linear Systems (Kazi Md Masum Billah and Mary Mackay )
  • December 1st:

  • Probability Distribution functions (Ifeanyi H Nwigboji and FrancisBiney)
  • Finite Difference Method for Solving Advection Diffusion Equation in 1D (Osei K Tweneboah)
  • Solving Poisson Problem with deal.ii and mixed boundary conditions(Maranda Bean)
  • December 3rd:

  • Adaptive IPDG for Poisson Problem using dealii (Mohammad Arifur Rahman)
  • Math 5370: "Transitioning to C++ for Scientific Computations"

  • Meeting Times: Tu-Th 5:00pm-6:20pm, Health Sciences Building 212
  • Office Hours: Thursdays 4:00pm-5:00pm, or by appointment.
  • Teaching Assistant: Julio Solis
  • TextBook: Absolute C ++ 9th Edition, by Walter Savitch, Addison- Wesley.
  • Click here for the syllabus.

    This course serves as an introduction to object oriented programming and aims at developing the programming skills of students enabling them to successfully run numerical experiments for mathematical models.


    Lecture for the week
    Codes for the week
    Assignments for the week
    24th-28th August
    Lectures from week 1
    Instructions for Installing cygwin
    31st-4th September
    Lectures from week 2
    Root finding code
    7th-11th September
    Lectures from week 3
    Towards computing the factorial of a given whole number using while-loop.
    Example of factorial as a fuction.
    14th -18th September
    Material for reading input from a file can be obtained here.
    Finding the determinant of a order 3 matrix.
    Read from a file and write to a file, arrays and function.
    Homework 1 posted
    21st -25th September
    Use of rand() the random numbers generator
    Additional git resources:
    Quick git sheet
    git book
    28th September-2nd October
    Lectures from week 7 on pointers
  • Declaration of pointers
  • Pointers and arrays
  • Thursday class Pointers code
  • Homework 2 posted
    5th-9th October
    Lecture provided from cplusplus.com.
  • finding the maximum entry of an array using pointers.
  • Using do while loop.
  • Introduction to structure code
  • 12th-16th October
    Discussed possible projects and installed Kokkos
  • Matrix Class
  • Passing through reference in the structures.
  • Homework 3 posted ! This homework needs the following codes:
  • C++ code on polynomial class
  • Corresponding header file for polynomial class
  • 19th-23rd October
    A note on overloading from cplusplus.com
    Compressed folder with Exercises for today's class
    Homework 2 returned with remarks
    26th-30th October
    Introduction to templates through last week's exercises
  • Last week's class Point
  • Point with cross product included !
  • Adding functionality of cross product calculation to 3D point class
  • Introducing dimension as a template for the point class. Template code discussed in class.
  • 2nd-6th November
    In-class template related activity. Reading data from a file.
  • Run time flexible temp code discussed.
  • Reading parameters from a file
  • Updated !
  • Data File
  • Write an algorithm design for your project. Due date 11/10
  • File from class
  • Data file to read from
    9th-13th November
    Discussing topics relevant for projects
  • Call-by-reference discussed in detail.
  • Reading data from file with input file storing data row-wise.
  • Input data.txt file.
  • 16th-20th November
    Discussing topics relevant for projects
    Select topics discussed from here.

    Practical Sessions

    During the practical session, the students volunteer to demonstrate how to code the assigned problem. Below you will find the students and their codes posted for the benefit of the entire class. Please use these to understand the logic of code but write your own !
    Topic for the Practical Session
    Maranda Bean
    Root finding task.
    Kazi Masum and Osei Kofi Tweneboah
    Factorial finding code
    Kazi's code
    Osei's code
    Mary Mackay
    Binomial theorem code
    Mary's code
    Mary's code from 11/10
    Masum's code
    Masum Bhuiyan
    Product of two matrices
    Matrix structure with norm calculation
    Product of a matrix and the transpose of a matrix
    Arifur's code