Middle School Math Block I-D

Spring 2004

Wiggs Middle School

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MATH 3309 - Conceptual Mathematics II
MSED 4310 -Teaching Math in Intermediate and Middle Grades


Course: MATH 3309 MSED 4310
Instructor: Dr. Art Duval Dr. Olga Kosheleva
Office: BELL 303 EDUC 813
Phone: 747-6846 747-7588
Fax: 747-6502 747-7441
e-mail: artduval@math.utep.edu olgak-AT-utep.edu
Office hours: M 10-11, Tu 2:30-3:30, W, Th 2-3 Tu 12:30-1:30, and by appt.

Required Text:

Van de Walle, John A. (2004). Elementary and Middle School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally. 5th Edition. Longman.

Course Materials:

Projects and readings will be distributed in the class.

Recommended Manipulative Kit:

Cuisenaire Manipulative Starter Kit

Block Objectives:

TExES Domains and Competencies:

Mathematics 4-8

Block Structure:

The Block incorporates field-based team teaching approach. It is designed using the model of constructive pedagogical cycle (COPEC):
Learning - Rehearsing - Teaching - Reflecting.
Each cycle consists of the following activities: working on a conceptually rich, multistep mathematical project related to a lesson in the Wiggs curriculum; rehearsing teaching the lesson before your peers, teaching this lesson to middle school students, discussing and reflecting on learning and teaching. Discussions will focus on how the lessons exemplify the given topic, on how to assess the effectiveness of the lesson, and on modifications and improvements. The goal is to create a community of learners, acting and reflecting on learning and teaching mathematics, and learning how to become effective teachers of mathematics.

Block Philosophy:

This Block is built on the following set of pedagogical beliefs:

Course Requirements:

Pre- and Post-tests
will be administered for assessment purposes.
It is expected that students will attend all classes and actively participate in working on projects and class discussions. Students are expected to prepare for each class session. If a student misses a session, work will be assigned at the discretion of the instructor.

Lateness to class is strongly discouraged. Many classes will begin with a group project/activity or classroom discussion. Your group will depend upon you to be present and prepared for class. Missed assignments must be completed. Every unexcused absence or lateness will reduce your final grade at the rate of .5 point per hour of missed class time.

Math Projects
are weeklong investigations of conceptually rich multistep problems related to a lesson in the Connected Math Project used in Wiggs math classes. During class, students will work on the projects individually and in groups. After a class discussion in which each group presents its solutions, each student will turn in a written report. You must write your report yourself! The format for reports will be provided at the beginning of the semester.
Every group of students will teach micro-lessons in an actual classroom setting at Wiggs. Each group will first present, in a rehearsal teaching in front of their peers, selected activities from that lesson (30-45 min.).

Students will prepare and distribute a typed lesson plan for each micro-lesson prior to teaching the lesson in class. You are encouraged to show Dr. Kosheleva preliminary drafts. The final lesson plan is due after each micro-teaching at Wiggs. The lesson plan format will be provided at the beginning of the semester.

cover material in math projects and in readings from van de Walle. In MSED 4310, they will be announced a week in advance; in MATH 3309, they will be on Feb. 17 and Mar. 30.
Final Presentation:
Each student is require to prepare a final presentation (about 20 min.), about what they have discovered about math and its teaching from each microteaching and math project.
Final Oral Exam
will cover the main concepts from projects, activities, problems, and readings used in the class during the semester.


Grade Distribution:

Activity Dr. Duval Dr. Kosheleva
Pre-test - 3
Participation 5 5
Quizzes 15 15
Lesson plans/teaching 10 25
Project reports 40 -
Final presentation 15 20
Final oral exam 15 25
Post-test - 7


Additional websites:

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), featuring many helpful links, including its ``Principles and Standards''.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for mathematics at all grade levels. Make sure to familiarize yoruself with this website and its content.