Stayin’ with 5”

lyric © 2007 Lawrence M. Lesser

sing to the tune of  Stayin’ Alive,” a Grammy-winning #1 hit for the Bee Gees in 1977



Well, you can tell by the way I use my chalk   that I teach math and I love to talk

With my class usin’ rhyme    about a number that is prime!

Now it’s all right, it’s okay -- use 5 senses every day.

We can try to understand    the Roman “V” on my hand…

CHORUS:   Whether it’s a wonder -- this Fibonacci number--

I’m stayin’ with 5, stayin’ with 5.

Symmetry flows   in an apple or a rose:  stayin’ with 5,   stayin’ with 5.

Ah, ha, ha, ha,   stayin’ with 5,   stayin’ with 5.

Ah, ha, ha, ha,   stayinwith 5…….

Platonic solids – there are 5,     like the vowels – not countin’ y.

Starfish arms,  Olympic rings,      playin’ hoops on a team:

You know it’s all right, it’s okay     Muslims pray 5 times a day.

We can try to understand     patterns in a pentagram…   (Repeat Chorus)


bridge:  Gonna celebrate      Cinco de Mayo:   we’re gonna take…..five!

5 is everywhere,     somebody give me,    somebody give me a high 5!      

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