rap lyric 2000, 2001, 2004 Lawrence M. Lesser


1,3,5,7, or 9

Is the end of a number of this kind:

A divisor of 2 and reminder 1

Means what type dividend, everyone? NOT EVEN!


When square tiles can’t be wangled

Into a 2-row rectangle:

If two odds are multiplied,

What is the product that you find? NOT EVEN!


These numbers had mystique--
Viewed as ‘male’ by Ancient Greeks!

When there’s no Olympics – winter or summer,

That year is what kind of number? NOT EVEN!


A curb address that ends in 6

Is opposite this residence.

An interstate goin’ north and south

Has what kind of number for the route? NOT EVEN!


If you pick a book and open wide,

This page number’s on the right-hand side.

And ev’ry time I write haiku,

The syllable count when I’m through: NOT EVEN!


Do a ‘cascade’ so nothing falls

Takes this number of juggling balls.

Now my ‘odd’ rap is done:
Could it climb the charts to #1? NOT EVEN!

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