"Your Body is a Numberland

words and music 2004 Lawrence Mark Lesser all rights reserved

Your figure’s got beauty

With bilateral symmetry,

And your span from head to toe

Your navel makes golden ratio!

Your skin’s almost 2 square meters:

Finding area was never sweeter!

Your fingers curl a right-hand rule:

Math extends beyond our school



And if you want math – just do it!
Explore a relation – we’ll prove it!

Take all our problems – and solve them –

Even if it takes awhile:
Your body is a numberland--
Put down the calculator – we’ll do it by hand

Your body is a numberland.


The number of your fingers is our number system

And counting builds harmony and rhythm

That your spiral ear turns into sound

While the lens of your eye turns me upside down!

(Repeat Chorus)

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