Colloquium Series

Held on Fridays at 3:00pm in Bell Hall 143, unless noted otherwise.

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May 11, 2011
Note the unusual day: Wednesday, 2:00pm, Bell Hall 143

Jean-Pierre Gossez

LíUniversité libre de Bruxelles

Maximum and antimaximum principles: beyond the first eigenvalue


April 29, 2011

Shair Ahmad

University of Texas at San Antonio

On the logistic equation with non-periodic harvesting


April 15, 2011
Note the unusual time: Friday, 2:00pm, Bell Hall 143

Zhaosheng Feng

University of Texas-Pan American

Bifurcation and dynamics of Nonlinear Oscillator Systems


April 8, 2011

Pedro Marroneti

Florida Atlantic University

Binary Black Holes: State of the Field and Numerical Challenges


April 1, 2011

David Pengelley

New Mexico State University

Sophie Germainís grand plan to prove Fermatís Last Theorem


March 31, 2011
Note the unusual day: Thursday, 3:00pm, Bell Hall 143

Richard A. Levine

San Diego State University

Bayesian Multivariate Survival Trees for Tooth Prognosis


March 4, 2011

Arturo Castro

Harvey Mudd College

Geometry of a Boundary Value Problem


February 18, 2011

Joe Lakey

New Mexico State University

An overview of Time- and Multi-Bandlimiting


February 4, 2011

Maurice Burke

Montana State University

Technology and The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics: Some History and Some Concerns


January 21, 2011

Marcelo Frias

Buenos Aires Institute of Technology

From Universal Algebra to Test Input Generation: An Application of Relational Methods to Computer Science


November 19, 2010

Piotr J. Wojciechowski

University of Texas at El Paso

Riesz Decomposition Property in finite-dimensional vector lattices


November 12, 2010
Note the unusual time: Friday, 2:00pm, Bell Hall 143

Barnabás Bede

University of Texas - Pan American

Existence and Characterization Theorems for Internal and Fuzzy Differential Equations


November 11, 2010
Note the unusual day: Thursday, 3:00pm, Bell Hall 143

Irina Perfilieva and Vilém Novák

University of Ostrava

Discrete Fuzzy Transforms and their Applications in Data Processing


October 29, 2010
Note the unusual time: 2:00pm, Bell Hall 143

Andras Balogh

University of Texas Pan American

Observer-Based Boundary Feedback Stabilization of Shear Beam


October 15, 2010

Asuman Güven Aksoy

Claremont McKenna College

Norms that are not Projections with Respect to Numerical Radii


October 8, 2010
Note the unusual time and place: 3:30pm, BioSciences 2.168

Matthew Diethelm

UTEP 2010 Gold Nugget Award recipient, BS Mathematics '63

An Education Without Limits


Dr. Diethelm presentation is a call to action for everyone in the academic community to encourage all children/youth to maximize their education. He also will discuss some notes on how the professional workplace depends on the academic knowledge and skills but demands totally different or unique application.

October 1, 2010

Ted Stanford

New Mexico State University

Linking Numbers for Knotted Graphs


The linking number between two closed, disjoint curves in three-dimensional space is one of the easiest topological invariants to understand, and it is also one of the most useful and applicable invariants. We will show how to generalize the linking number to embeddings of graphs in three space. We will discuss in particular some graphs which do not contain pairs of disjoint cycles but which nonetheless have nontrivial linking numbers.

September 24, 2010

Goong Chen

Texas A&M University and
Taida Institute for Math. Sci, National Taiwan University

The Dimensional Scaling Method in Chemical Physics


September 17, 2010

Mohamed Amine Khamsi

Department of Mathematical Sciences, UTEP

One Idea, Different Examples, Different Publications


September 10, 2010

Daniel Ramras

New Mexico State University

Stable Representation Theory


September 3, 2010

Jan Lang

The Ohio State University

Strict-s numbers and Integral Operators


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