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the College of Science offers the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Mathematics Program

Note: course offerings may be going through some reorganization, so be sure to check with the advisor to be sure


Until recently, we maintained a distinction between the “non-Cohort track” (; most recent Advisor: Dr. Helmut Knaust,, Bell 124, 747-5761) and the  “Cohort-track” tailored for working teachers (the program’s benefits, requirements, degree plan, application procedures, etc. are explained at or; most recent Advisor:  Dr. Kien Lim,, Bell 301, 747-6772).  The cohorts started each year and each lasted 2 years (e.g., Cohort #1 went from June 2003-May 2005). 


Here’s a tentative schedule of future MAT courses.

Planned Schedule for MAT-Mathematics Program for In-Service Teachers beginning Fall 2009:

In-Service Teachers Program





MATH 5360a*
MATH 5370a

MATH 5365
MATH 5370b


MATH 5311
MATH 5370c*

MATH 5360b
STAT 3300


STAT 5385
MATH 5370d

MATH 5396
MTED 5326


*Can be counted for the Master Mathematics (MMT) Teacher Certification Program.

Note: With the exception of 2 education courses, all MMT certification courses will be counted towards a degree in MAT-Math.




the College of Education offers graduate program options as well:


The Teacher Education Department offers graduate programs that provide advanced professional education knowledge and skills for application in school and non-school settings. The Master of Arts is designed for students wishing to pursue research and/or continue studies beyond the master's degree level. The Master of Education degree is directed toward mastery of professional education practice. Students pursuing the Master of Education may major in Instructional Specialist or Reading Education. ,


the Master Mathematics Teacher (MMT) certificate program (in reading and in math, for teachers at elementary, middle school and high school levels) , ,


the PhD program in Teaching, Learning, and Culture (approved July 2008; first group of students began in spring 2009) that has mathematics education as one of its areas in which students can write a dissertation:  The webpage has information on who to contact, such as program coordinator Alejandro Ortiz (EDB 601, x5426 or 6221;  Or email























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