meet UTEPís community of faculty

with activity/interest

in math/science education





in Dept. of Mathematical Sciences


Kien Lim

interests/specialties: student mathematical thinking, algebraic reasoning, pre-service teacher education, curriculum development


Larry Lesser††

interests/specialties:statistics education, motivation, equity/ethics, teacher education/knowledge, technology, curriculum, humanistic mathematics


Hamide Dogan-Dunlap

interests/specialties:concept maps, linear algebra, technology, undergraduate mathematics education


other faculty in the department who have been involved in teaching MAT-M courses and/or leading/serving on math/stat education (e.g., teacher preparation) grants and initiatives include:

Art Duval, Helmut Knaust, Joe Guthrie, Emil Schwab, Amy Wagler



in Dept. of Physics


Eric Hagedorn

interests/specialties: pre-service elementary teachers, student/teacher attitudes about science, STEM career choice/persistence



in Dept. of Geological Sciences


Laura Serpa

interests/specialties: diversity, equity, secondary education, teacher education, outreach, grantwriting, CenMaSTER




in Dept. of Teacher Education


Song An

EDUC 808 x7616

interests:††† elementary mathematics education, music, curriculum, pre-service teacher education, teacher beliefs


David Carrejo

interests/specialties:†† pre-service mathematics teacher preparation and mathematical modeling


Brian Giza

interests/specialties: science education; online and web-based instruction


Elaine Hampton

interests/specialties: assessment, equity in science education, curriculum impacts of globalization


Pei-Ling Hsu

interests/specialties: science education, discourse analysis, culture, secondary education, apprenticeship


Olga Kosheleva

interests/specialties:†† mathematics education in teacher preparation, embedding technology in learning


Bill Robertson

interests/specialties: science education methods; curriculum development; technology integration in the classroom


Mourat Tchoshanov

interests/specialties: early development of advanced mathematics concepts, cognition and mathematical visualization, teacher knowledge


Ron Wagler

interests/specialties: science teaching efficacy and teaching efficacy, environmental education, outdoor science education, the creation-evolution controversy