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Professor Lesser can do conference/banquet keynotes, assemblies, minicourses/workshops, residencies, etc.  Audiences have ranged from upper elementary school to university level or even general audiences.  Presentations (see left-hand sidebar) have been tailored for varied situations and audiences, including:

·         Math/science groups

·         University faculty

·         Schoolteacher professional development

·         Inspirational talks/keynotes

·         Classrooms/conferences

Some national opening keynotes were for university mathematicians (e.g., MAA MathFest 2008), while others were for K-12 math teachers (e.g., 2009 NCTM regional in Nashville).  Most presentations can be described as a 30-90 minute version of one (or two) of these:

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1.) “Mathemusician Concert” – a live full-length progression of songs with a strong mathematical theme woven together with educational and entertaining between-song patter and brief demos; some songs can be done as sing-alongs, depending on situation; setting has varied from classroom to auditorium stage; almost always accompanied by acoustic guitar ( and usually also accompanied by visuals (

2.) “Formula for a Hit: Using Songs to Learn Mathematics and Statistics” motivates a variety of mathematics/statistics content, history and process using both new and familiar songs and raps, with audience participation gently encouraged; uses songs for generating descriptive statistics, conducting hypothesis tests, analyzing lyrics (for specific terms and global themes), analyzing data, song-based problem solving and critical thinking, etc.; includes "how to" tips for teachers of all levels of musicianship; parallels and overlap between the process of songwriting and doing mathematics can also be explored in varying degrees; good for "creativity" or "motivational" presentations

3.) “Exploring Connections Between Mathematics and Music” explores (with historical context going back to Pythagoras) a variety of examples, such as: how a string's or chime's pitch varies with its length, how the sound of two notes relates to the ratio of their frequencies, how patterns generate and illuminate rhythms and sequences of notes and chords, how mathematical thinking guides the building (and even playing of) musical instruments and the composition and analysis of music, how transformations of a melody parallel transformations in mathematics, etc.; accessible to audiences with varying levels of prior musicianship and mathematical knowledge

4.) “Workshop: Writing Content-Based Songs/Raps/Poetry” is adaptable for many age ranges as a fun, accessible way for even beginners to participate in the creative process of writing (as modeled and facilitated by someone who has published mathematical and nonmathematical songs, raps and poems) and participants will create one or more educational content-based songs, jingles, poems or raps by the time the workshop ends, leaving them with not only a tangible creative product to motivate or remember academic content of interest, but also a memorable demonstration of how to balance left- and right- brain thinking that will serve them well in any problem solving environment; connects to language arts, music education, and multiple intelligences!

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