Research Activites

Useful Links:

  • UTEP Academic Calendar Fall 2014
  • Mathematical Sciences Colloquium at UTEP
  • Math Resource Center for Students
  • CPS 5195: "Interdisciplinary Graduate Seminar, Fall 2014"

  • Meeting Times: Tu-Th 5:00pm-6:00pm, UGLC 210 (please check the schedule for different venue on specific days).
  • To introduce masters students to the basic computational tools of research like using Matlab toolboxes, debugging of codes, visualization of data, managing, storing and presenting research data, also working the command line enviroment. The students will be also be introduced to different areas of research in computational science through the talks presented.

    Organizers: Dr. Sonyoung Yi , Dr. Natasha Sharma


    Topic for the week and different venue ( in brackets )
    Assignment for the week
    26th August
    Introduction to the class
    2nd September
    Writing reports in google drive ( BH 130 )
    Write a report describing an area of computational science that interests you.
    9th September
    Distributed version control systems GIT ( BH 130 )
    Set up a bitbucket account and create a repository. Install git on your laptop with the help of this git book.
    16th September
    Distributed version control systems GIT (continued) ( BH 130 )
    23rd September
    An overview of Matlab toolboxes ( BH 130 )
    Write a report on the Matlab toolboxes.
    30th September
    "Introduction to LaTeX" by Maria Barraza ( BH 130 )
    My first LaTeX document
    7th October
    Talk by Dr. Shirley Moore
    Summary of the talk
    14th October
    Talk by Dr. Martine Ceberio
    Summary of the talk
    21st October
    Talk by Dr. Sonyoung Yi
    Summary of the talk
    28th October
    Talk by Dr. Natasha Sharma ( BH 130 )
    Summary of the talk
    4th November
    Talk by Dr. Jack Chessa. References from the talk can be found here .
    Summary of the talk
    11th November
    "Towards the Scalability and Hybrid Parallization of a Spatially Variant Lattice Algorithm" by Henry Moncada.
    "Model Order Reduction Using Cubic Spline Curve-Fitting" by Leobardo Valera.
    Prepare for final presentation
    18th November
    "An Introduction to Bash" by Luis Gutierrez.
    "Introduction to Mathematica" by Omeiza Olumoye.The corresponding .nb file can be found here .
    Summary for a final presentation
    25th November
    Talks by Fatemeh Amerikheirabadi and Madawa
    Make a presentation for a final summary
    2nd December
    Presentation by Nazmul Hossain and summary of the class
    Upload the presentations on repository/ google drive.