Research Activites

BINF 5112: CS Seminar for Bioinformatics Spring 2015 (Introduction to Matlab)

  • Meeting Times: Wednesday 12:30pm -1:20 pm
  • Meeting Place: Bioinformatics Lab BE 300
  • Credit Points: 1
  • Course Description: To introduce graduate students to Matlab for the purpose of scientific computations. No prior programming knowledge is assumed !

    Click here for the syllabus of the course.


    Topic for the week
    21st January Introduction to the class. Using Matlab as a calculator.
    28th January Defining functions in Matlab
    4th February Plotting functions
    11th February Writing script files
    18th February
  • plotting a circle.
  • Comparing Stirling Approximation (Use of arrays). More on this Approximation.
  • Finding the roots of a quadratic polynomial.
  • 26th February
  • Writing a function.
  • Writing a plot function (includes the handle option).
  • 4th March
  • Use of Matrices
  • Some stastical assignments