Math 1411 Calculus I

Fall 2013

Dr. Duval

Reading assignment

Week of November 25-27: Tuesday was the third exam, on Chapters 4 and 5. Monday and Wednesday, we are discussing section 6.2.

Week of December 2-5: Monday we went over the exam. Tuesday we will finish up section 6.2 with some application, and then start section 6.3, which will take up the rest of the week.

Online homework

All textbook homework, including old homework not shown here, is on the WileyPlus system. Section 5.4: due 10:00am, Mon. Nov. 25
Section 6.1: due 10:00am, Wed. Nov. 27

Section 6.2: due 10:00am, Thu. Dec. 5
Section 6.3: due 10:00am, Fri. Dec. 6

Application powerpoints

Other websites

Written homework