CPS 5320 (25793), Advanced Scientific Computing

MW 12:00-1:20

Initially on-line, but the final exam, and beginning Feb 17 other class meetings, will be on campus (LART 306)

On campus classes (NOT REQUIRED, you can continue on line) currently planned on days homework is due (Feb 17, 24, March 8, 22, 24, 31, April 7...).

Instructor: Granville Sewell (sewell@utep.edu)

Office hours (beginning Feb 17): 11:00-11:50 before on-campus classes, Bell Hall 200, 747-6762

Prerequisite: CPS 5310

There is one required text:

"Solving Partial Differential Equation Applications with PDE2D," Granville Sewell, John Wiley & Sons, 2018

The problems from this book involve using PDE2D, which will be made available to you. Here is information on running PDE2D on the HPC computer.

Homework (subject to change during the semester)
Chapter Problems date due
1. Damped spring and pendulum problems 3,6 Feb 3
2. Beam and plate bending 1,3a,4 Feb 10
3. Diffusion and heat conduction 2,3,4 Feb 17
4. Pricing options 2abc Feb 24
5. Elasticity 2,3 March 8
6. Incompressible fluid flow 3ac,4 March 24
7. Schrodinger and other eigenvalue equations 1ab,5,7 March 31
8. Minimal surface and membrane wave equations 2ab,4 April 7

The last 2 problem sets involve parallelizing Fortran 90 linear algebra codes using MPI, and are taken from Chapter 6 of "Computational Methods of Linear Algebra, 3rd Edition," Granville Sewell, World Scientific Publishing Company, 2014. However, this is not a required text, you will be given the needed pages.

Here is information on running Fortran90/MPI programs on the HPC computer. And here is an example MPI program with output.

Homework (subject to change during the semester)
Chapter Problems date due
6. Linear algebra on supercomputers 1,2ab: linear systems April 21
6. Linear algebra on supercomputers 3ab: linear least squares May 3
Final Exam May 14, 13:00-15:45

The Fortran codes required for the MPI problems can be downloaded here


90-100% guaranteed A
80-89% guaranteed B or better
70-79% guaranteed C or better
below 70% no guarantees


Chapter 0 Introduction

Chapter 1 Damped Spring and Pendulum Problems

Chapter 2 Beam and Plate Bending

Chapter 3 Diffusion and Heat Conduction

Chapter 4 Pricing Options

Chapter 5 Elasticity

Chapter 6 Incompressible Fluid Flow

Chapter 7 Schrodinger and Other Eigenvalue Equations

Chapter 8 Minimal Surface and Membrane Wave Equations

Chapter 9 The KPI Wave Equation

Review of MPI functions

Linear Algebra on Supercomputers

Note: Drop Deadline is April 1

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(Very) Detailed MPI Documentation

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Review of Multivariate Calculus

PDE2D Video

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